Managing the Tab of My Son

By Loida Faye Borbon

It had been a trying and challenging ordeal when my son finally got into the e-tablet class since last year. He has changed his ways with dealing with things and even with some people. So we have tried some ways to help him manage his tablet usage. Here are some of my simple techniques:

  1. Get him involved with quality family time. This is practiced all days of the week. Certain time of the day, we come together meals, snacks or short hangout.
  2. During meal time mobile phone or tablet are not allowed. We usually share some experiences during the day.
  3. Get him to agree that you will check his tablet screen once in a while during his “study time”.
  4. Check the Apps. We usually check apps that are fitted to the appropriate age, his age of course. We also check the rating of the Apps at the playstore. Using the Apps can also reveal how safe or insane the Apps can be.
  5. Learn how to use technology to your advantage. This is one challenged that made me and my husband learn how to operate and explore the tablet, learn the Apps, refer to the internet.
  6. Talk to him about his interests on everything and anything. This way you can support a more off-line lifestyle.
  7. Involving him in his sports. Whether it is a family exercise day or his “sports day”, we support him by being there and providing him what he needs.
  8. Encourage him to take breaks from his tablet by moving around, eating snacks or talking with any family member. He is also encouraged to hangout with his friends at the front yard or garden without their gadgets. They play with their legos, even talk about simple issues and exchange jokes.
  9. Talk to other parents. Exchanging techniques and of course frustrations over the tablet management is very helpful too.

Basically, training him to live with others and not to be too dependent on his tablet is difficult but we are able to manage by doing these nine simple ways.

Well, I hope that some parents will find this significant.

Loida Faye Borbon
parent of Jon Matthew Borbon (8J)