Lasallians from Hong Kong Interact with JHS Students

As part of its English Enhancement Program, De La Salle College Secondary School, New Territories (DLSCSS, NT) takes a visit to the Junior High School department of La Salle Green Hills. With the hope of providing venue for its students to practice and be more proficient in the use of the English language while experiencing a foreign culture, DLSCSS-NT opted for a two-day classroom immersion with select LSGH classes during their visit from June 21-26, 2018.

According to Ms. Rubi Vasco, Student Activities Coordinator, aside from classroom participation, the student-delegates also interacted with the members of the Students Affairs Central Body (SACB). Aptly called “Transcending Boundaries,” the SACB-organized structured interaction that allowed the young leaders from the two Lasallian schools to exchange ideas and share best practices inherent to their respective institutions.

The delegation was headed by HK Lasallian Family Coordinator Ms. Nikki Chan, accompanied by DLS Secondary School N.T. teacher, Mr. Kam Chan, and Teacher Aid Ms. Catheral Kan. The two adults accompanied ten students, namely: Wan Ka Yan, Zhao Yaxuan, Cheng King Leung, Gong Chuanyu , Sun Ho Ying, So Wai Lam, Lo Wai Ho, Ye Jilong, Chu Sung Kei Jacky and Kan Hong Tung.

Both LSGH and DLSCSS-NT are part of the Lasallian East Asia District, headed by Brother Visitor Edmundo Fernandez FSC, an LSGH alumnus.

The De La Salle College Secondary Schools N.T. delegates with LSGH HS Principal Mrs. Maria Donna Ines (2nd row, leftmost), Student Activities Coordinator Ms. Rubi Vasco (2nd row, rightmost) and Exec. Staff of the Student Affairs Central Body (front row).

Students from the two LEAD schools broke geographical and language barriers when they came together to celebrate Lasallian excellence and brotherhood.