Changes Anew in the High School


The high school department had two separate school year openings this year as Senior High School wrapped up later in May, 2019. Since then, the Junior High School has geared up with some subject line-up changes to cater best to the varying interests of students and align with new academic developments in education.

Moving from a semestral schedule, Home Management and Cooking for Gr. 7 is now offered year-round, along with Visual Arts and Technical Drawing for Gr. 8, Electronics for Gr. 9 and Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship for Gr. 10. These subjects are under the Arts and Technology Department.

New electives were also introduced in Gr. 8 and 9, namely, Advanced Composition and Bookkeeping, respectively. Introduction to Research Writing is the new offering for Gr. 10.

To further develop our Lasallians’ proficiency in Filipino, subject meetings were increased per week, alternating with Activity Periods. In the 10th grade, the college entrance test review series is held in preparation for D-Shape, in connection with De La Salle University. The special pull-out program for advanced mathematics classes now runs from Gr. 7-10.

Rounding up the new curricular developments in Junior and Senior High School is the introduction of a new grading system following DepEd standards along with the alignment of topics in subject requiring written output.  The successful staging of the ‘Animo Hub’ or the business simulation presentation of ABM students in SY 2018-2019 will most certainly lead to a repeat for this school year.

Faculty development also took center stage during the in-service months, strengthened by ongoing learning circles held during the year, for teachers to come together and discuss trends in teaching and other pedagogical discourse.