The Educational Intervention Program Unit of the Center for Educational Network and Research Office continues to carry on its mission to assist the academic community in providing all students with equitable learning opportunities. Aside from the services they offer to the students, CENTRO-EIP comes up with activities that further their collaboration with the teachers, specifically in keeping the faculty better equipped in terms of handling learners with learning, behavioral or psychological concerns.  Such is the seminar on classroom management, which the EIP teachers Mrs. Mara Katrina David and Mrs. RozaidaYringco, together with CENTRO-EIP Head Mrs. Amy Galang, recently conducted at the Br. Rafael Donato FSC Center for the Performing Arts.

Dubbed as “Classroom Management : Accommodations and Behavior Interventions in the Classroom,” the seminar was attended by LSGH faculty  with Dr. Jacqueline Navarro, Consultant Director of The Medical City’s Center for Developmental Pediatrics, as resource speaker. Acknowledging the efforts of the school to be more inclusive, Dr. Navarro highlighted valuable strategies on how the teachers in particular, and the community in general, can better handle learners with special needs.

With Dr. Navarro citing common classroom scenarios and engaging the participants by identifying possible behavior interventions they can adopt in their own class setting, the school looks forward to another dynamic and supportive learning environment to the young.

Photos by: Mrs. Rozaida M. Yringco