Caught in the Act (of Kindness)

The Culture of Helping is truly alive in the person of Mr. Nicanor T. de la Cuesta Jr. – an employee of La Salle Green Hills who manifested an extraordinary act last August 18, 2016. While riding a bus on his way home, a passenger named Mr. Erwin Fang alighted and fell because the bus immediately accelerated without checking if the passenger had completely stepped off. Mr. de la Cuesta noticed that nobody helped the man so he got off the bus even if it was not his stop. He took the initiative to provide assistance and even went beyond to ask a vehicle to stop and they brought the man to the hospital. One of the co-workers of the man posted Mr. de la Cuesta’s good deed in their Facebook page. While many manifestations of helping may go unnoticed; to capture one act of kindness can truly inspire and move others to do the same. This is the culture we aspire to develop in La Salle Green Hills. A culture that Mr. de la Cuesta was caught doing without having to be prodded; to help the lost, the last and the least.

“God has chosen you to do his work.”
(from St La Salle’s Meditations in the Time of Retreat 4.1 [Med 196.1])



Mr Nicanor de la Cuesta, the man caught in the act of kindness, with a screenshot from Facebook.