Kindness is not a soft virtue. It is a virtue for the strong. It is not easy to be kind.
And yet what a change it becomes when people share kindness.


Such are the insightful words that form part of Br. Victor A. Franco’s message to the community when all the LSGH personnel gathered together for the annual Institutional Assembly. Slated last June 1 at the Br. Rafael Donato FSC Center for the Performing Arts, the gathering started with a Eucharistic celebration officiated by Fr.  Erwin Mendoza OSJ.  After the mass, Br. Vic announced this school year’ theme, Grow in Grit, Give Help, Go Higher.

An offshoot of previous years’ themes which emphasized on culture of helping and of grit, the current theme is also one that challenges Lasallians to continue to live out a culture where “helping comes naturally” and where grit is manifested as “strength of character to be able to help and to be kind to other people.”

In his message, the School President urged everyone to practice “vietato lamentarsi”. Translated to English from Italian, it means “forbidden to complain”. It became popular when Pope Francis placed a sign bearing this phrase on the door to his private rooms in Vatican. Br. Vic further shared that despite having a lot to complain about, it is always good to reflect if complaining will make the situation better, stating that it [complaining] does not lead to anything constructive.

Citing Ephesians 4:29 and 31-32 which fend off unwholesome talk and foster kindness and forgiveness, Br. Vic enjoins the Lasallian community to observe and make alive the wisdom of these bible verses more mindful to do acts of kindness on certain days, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

With another school year and with renewed fervor to live out our mission, let us remind each other that we all want to grow in grit, to help others and to grow higher.

Photo by : TMC