ANHS Principal Thanking LSGHAA on the Occasion of the ANHS Honors’ Assembly

Letter from Ms Agnes Alonsozana, LSGH-ANHS Principal to the LSGH Alumni Association
On the Occasion of the LSGH Adult Night High School Honors’ Assembly

June 30, 2016

The La Salle Green Hills Alumni Association
Thru: Mr. Joey David

Dearest Gentlemen,

Greetings from the LSGH Adult Night High School!

At 6 o’clock this evening, the ANHS held its annual Undergraduates’ Recognition Day – an event that showcases academic and deportment achievements for those currently in Grades 8, 9, 10 and Senior High School. Br. Victor A. Franco FSC was present to grace the occasion and was also a witness to the accounts of the role YOU all play in the ANHS’s growth and existence.

We had a special speaker named Katherine, who was a graduate of 2011, Salutatorian. She spoke of her struggles back when she was with us as a High School student. She was very grateful to her former employer because he opened the door, so she could enroll at the ANHS. She was a helper, but they treated her like family. The employer’s children even tutored her and helped in her assignments, especially those who were in the same level as she was. Her former employer is a La Salle Green Hills alumnus.

Katherine graduated from High School, went to Philippine Normal College, graduated in 2015, got her License in 2016, and is now a Teacher in Lasaltech in Nueva Ecija.

Katherine’s speech was a challenge, and one of the graduating students responded to it. Her name is Jennifer. She received the General Excellence Award for her achievements last school year. She spoke of her struggles – being a mother of 3 at 17, having to live separately from her family because of her kids, having to balance work and studies, among others. Her “return” to school, through the ANHS, was made possible through her employer – who happens to also be an alumnus. She will graduate from High School this year, and I believe that she has a very firm resolve to proceed to college – and she WILL succeed.

I sat there listening to them and came to a wonderful conclusion that you, the ALUMNI, make what we do in the ANHS worthwhile – that whatever we think of as difficult and so insurmountable, can and will be achieved, given the right drive and inspiration.

You knew that this is a worthy cause. You knew that LSGH ANHS can truly transform lives. You knew that all along.

And that is why you are there. That is why our wish list gets erased midyear. That is why you send us equipment for a TESDA course out of the blue. That is why you call us and tell us you want to sponsor scholars. That is why we never lacked for anything we might need. That is why you exert numerous efforts to raise funds for us. That is why you work hard at what you do. You knew all these all along.

Gentlemen, THANK YOU.
(That will never be enough, I know).

But thank you. If I can claim all of you as my own brothers, I will.

I am, from the bottom of my heart, extremely proud of you.

God bless you!

Agnes C. Alonsozana
ANHS Principal