American Graduate Students Visit LSGH

A glimpse at a Filipino private school

Twenty graduate students from the Loyola Marymount University School of Education in California, USA visited La Salle Green Hills last July 12, 2018 led by Professor Edmundo Edward F. Litton Ed.D., Chair and Senior Director of the Department of Urban Education at LMU. Professor Litton is also an alumnus of LSGH, Batch 80.

The visitors were given an orientation about the school by the Grade School Department’s Chair of the Academic Coordinators, Mr. Mario Miguel B. Ordoñez, at the Br. Alphonsus Bloemen Conference Room. They were then led to the Grades 3 to 6 classrooms by the Academic Coordinators to observe classes in Language, Reading, Mathematics, Science and Computer. The activity ended with an interaction with the Academic Coordinators and an evaluation of the activity. 

This is the third group of students Dr. Litton has supervised for immersion in the Philippines. The visit was to allow for exposure to both public and private schools and to observe the conduct of classes and teacher-interactions. They also aimed to provide a glimpse of the state of education in the Philippines: compare educational facilities, teaching strategies, structure of classes and the like.

The visitors shared how they were generally impressed with our Lasallian pupils’ discipline and attentiveness inside the classroom, how they show respect to teachers and visitors, how they speak, their vocabulary and level of questioning. They lauded the smooth flow of classroom interaction and how orderly the classes were conducted. 

They also made special mention of the facilities such as the computer laboratories and the faculty lounge provisions as well as our new 3D printer. They also mentioned the pleasant, kind and warm environment from the administrators and other school personnel. Overall they were very delighted to have visited LSGH and see a school that is organized, has much educational programs, activities and resources.