Lasallian Mission Office

The Lasallian Mission Office (LMO) is an institutional department composed of Lasallian formators in the following areas: Campus Ministry, Social Action, Adult Ministry, and Christian Living in direct collaboration with the teachers.
With the vision of building a faith community, the LMO commits itself to spiritual, moral, and social formation. This commitment is inspired by the Gospel values and Lasallian spirituality of the spirit of faith, zeal for service, and communion in mission.

In pursuing this vision, the department shall involve itself in the mission of providing opportunities to encounter and proclaim God through a holistic Christian-Lasallian formation. This shall be concretized in religious instructions, catechetical sessions, liturgical celebrations, retreats and recollections, outreach activities and other volunteer services.


  • Medical-dental Mission
  • Support Staff Retreat
  • Year 4 Students in Community Service
  • Bringing the Good News to Correctional
  • Kinder Reach – in with LSGH Personnel

The Different Areas of LMO

Christian Living

The Christian Living Area serves as the academic arm of the Lasallian Mission Office. As an integral part of the academic and spiritual formation of the entire Lasallian community, the area works hand in hand with the other academic subjects, as well as the three other major areas of the LMO: the Campus Ministry, the Social Action, and the Adult Ministry.

It gives priority to the religious instruction and the spiritual formation of its students, giving emphasis on the three Lasallian Core Values: SPIRIT OF FAITH, ZEAL FOR SERVICE and COMMUNION IN MISSION.

Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry serves the mission of La Salle Green Hills by making visible the religious identity of the institution, and by nurturing the spiritual development of students through class recollections from Grade Three all the way up to the Fourth Year high school.

As rooted in the Gospel of Christ and in the spirit of St. John Baptist De la Salle, the Campus Ministry endeavors to nurture Christian student formation, and to support prayerful, prophetic, and pastoral action within the context of La Salle Green Hills education.

Through the Integrated Lasallian Formation Program (ILFP), the Campus Ministry provides opportunities for deep prayer and worship in close reference to both the Christian Living learnings in the classroom and the Social Action expressed in ILFP reachout experiences.

Retreat Modules

Grade 4: Becoming the Good News to Others
Grade 5: Becoming Signs of God’s Presence
Grade 6: Keeping God’s Promise of Salvation
Grade 7: Answering God’s Call to be an Apostle of Compassion
Grade 8: Answering God’s Call to be Stewards of Creation
Grade 9: Lasallians in Search of the Many Faces of Jesus
Grade 10: Lasallians Called to Evangelize
Third Year: Lasallians as Sons of the Forgiving Father
Fourth Year: Lasallians in Solidarity with the Plight of the Poor

Social Action

The Lasallian Guiding Principles of Social Development calls for the following:

Fullness of life for everyone in God’s plan requires our institutions to fulfill our educational mission and subsequently: BRING FORTH AWARENESS AND A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF SOCIAL REALITIES. Lasallian institutions, must strive to develop among its members greater recognition of the realities of human suffering and the stewardship role that each shares in preserving the integrity of God’s creation and in creating a humane and just society.

The LMO Social Action Program in support of this call facilitates exposure to various poor communities, dialogue and interaction where participating reachout partner communities and the Lasallian students discover their shared dignity as children of God in the light of justice, peace, and integrity of creation. It is also committed to involve the LSGH academic and non- academic community in reachout – related activities.


Kinder: LSGH Personnel
Grade 1: Sacred Heart Pupils
Grades 2-4: Mandaluyong Elementary School Pupils
Grade 5: Foundling Homes, Boystown Complex
Grade 6: Abandoned Elderly, ANAWIM
Grade 7: Differently Abled Persons, Hospicio de San Jose
Grade 8: CELL – Center for Ecozoic Living & Learning, Silang, Cavite
Grade 9: Barangay West Crame, San Juan City
Grade 10: Scuola Di San Camillo, Old Boso-boso Elementary School
Third Year: Medium Security Student Inmates of the New Bilibid Prison
Fourth Year: ANCOP Community

Adult Ministry

  • The LMO Adult Ministry takes care of the Lasallian formation of the adult members of the La Salle Green Hills community through a process of ongoing conversion, socialization and accompaniment. Likewise, it offers opportunities for volunteerism and involvement in formation ministry.
    The Adult Ministry Programs aim to lead the adult community members to:
  • Further the spiritual growth of adults through structured activities as well as sacramental and liturgical services which will allow them to reflect and view their current situations and concerns through the eyes of faith;
  • Nurture and challenge the sense of volunteerism of adults by providing opportunities for involvement and zealous service; and
  • Increase their awareness and responsiveness to pressing current issues through constant interaction and linkages with the various partner communities and institutions of the schools that promote association and communion in mission.


LMO Special Program (Extension Services)


The LSGH-ALS program is an enabling program where learners are able to recover, appreciate, value, celebrate, and live their dignity as God’s children. LSGH-ALS provides a realistic learning experience for them to find the importance and advantage of being educated and motivate them towards going back to regular schooling. One of its goals is to prepare students take the Accreditation and Equivalency Test provided by the Department of Education (DepEd), to earn their diploma in elementary and secondary, and to pursue their education in secondary, tertiary or vocational education. Likewise, the program aims to develop in the students the skills and attitudes which will help them realize their human potential and allow them to become active and pro-active citizens of the country despite their struggling realities.



An apostolate endeavor of LSGH that is scheduled twice a year to give free health services to poor families of our partner communities. Parents, alumni, teachers, students, and staff collaborate in delivering this service to selected poor partner communities.


A direct action initiated by LSGH community offering immediate assistance to our brothers and sisters seriously affected by natural and man-made calamities. The basic needs such as food, clothes and medicines are provided to affected families and individuals through the collaborative efforts of different sectors (alumni, parents, teachers, staff and students) of the school community;


A sector project under the Lasallian Institute For the Environment (LIFE) and implemented through the OMTB project committee. An OMTB council represented by all Lasallian schools has been organized as a coordinative forum to ensure a unified approach, sharing of resources, and experiences.


This adopted project of LSGH is managed by the International Marinelife Alliance-Philippines (local counterpart of Ocean Conservancy in the U.S) focusing on marine environment conservation. Volunteers from various sectors participate in beach cleanup held every third Saturday of September.