History of LSGH Official Seal

Evolution of LSGH’s Logos and Seals

(Source: LSGH Archives)

Based on historical records, LSGH used its official seal as a logo from the time of its founding till today.


The first visual identity of the school featured the word “Rangers” and the symbols of a lariat, a hill and a cowboy hat with an arrow. This was the seal of the school when it first opened in 1959.
logo 1962-63
The second seal used by the school between 1962 and 1963 featured the Lasallian star and the words “Religio, Mores,Cultura”, the byline used by De La Salle College at that time. It also included the name of the province of Rizal
logo 65-66
The third emblem or seal of LSGH used a shield with a white cross, topped with the Lasallian star and the words “Fides, Mores, Cultura”. We notice that the “Religio” was replaced by “Fides” in this seal. The location of the school was also a feature in this seal. This seal was used between 1965 – 1966.
The fourth seal is totally transformed into some sort of a medieval crest or family coat-of-arms embellished with a plumed knight’s helmet and a shield with four sections divided by a prominent cross and which featured the three broken chevrons, the star of faith, the sun and three stars of the Philippine flag, and the Rizal monument with a hill behind it. The school’s name was written on a ribbon below the coat-of-arms.
The fifth seal of the school enclosed the medieval crest with the name of the school, the city name and province where it is located, and the year of its establishment. On the ribbon underneath the coat-of-arms are written the Latin words, “Ad Deum Perfidem, Mores, Culturam”.

Current Seal and Logo in Use

This current seal is very much similar to the fifth seal except that the shape of the shield was changed and the year of its founding was removed.


As an addition, the name of the school is separately spelled out either on a single line or on a double line, depending on the availability of space where it is intended to be used.

The current official seal shown here are used for academic purposes such as its official publications and documents like diploma, transcript of records, yearbooks, for official functions like graduation ceremonies, report cards, research studies, etc. They are also currently being used as a logo and are found in merchandising items such as bags, folders, notebooks, pads, ballpens, T-shirts and lanyards.