TVET Courses
A. Once a Week Courses Monday  Basic Computer Shielded Metal Arc Welding  NC II (SMAW)(with 80-hour OJT)*  Tuesday Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II (with 190-hour OJT)* Automotive Servicing NC I (with 100-hour OJT)* Wednesday Bread and Pastry Production NC II (with 100-hour OJT)* Dressmaking NC II (with 100-hour OJT)* Food and Beverage Services NC II (with 100-hour OJT)* Thursday Computer Hardware Servicing NC II (with 180-hour OJT)* Basic Computer Friday Food and Beverage Services NC II (with 100-hour OJT)* B. Twice A Week Courses Tuesday and Wednesday Hairdressing NC II (with 240-hour OJT)* Tuesday and Thursday Commercial Cooking NC II (with 100-hour OJT)* Thursday and Friday  Advanced Computer: Web Development
*TESDA Registered
Course Offerings for SY 2014 - 2015
La Salle Green Hills ADULT NIGHT HIGH SCHOOL Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City PAASCU Accredited, FAAP Level II Re-Accredited Status, and TESDA Registered
 "Nurturing 21st Century Lasallian Leaders for Social Transformation"
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