For 36 years, the Adult Night High School of La Salle Green Hills has been transforming lives through Christian and relevant education. It offers two major programs namely the Five-Year High School program which prepares students for both college and for the field of work and the one-year technical-vocational education and training program, composed of 11 industry-driven courses. This free Lasallian education is given to marginalized adults, who are 16 years old and above.


The school also offers a Mainstreamed Program for Deaf Learners which allows the Deaf to fully participate in all academic and co-curricular activities. Classes are held from 5:30 to 9:00 in the evening. Since its founding in 1978 by the De La Salle Brothers, the ANHS has become a beacon of hope for thousands of our brethren who suffered the pain of poverty and unfortunate circumstances.


Voluminous stories of struggles and success now fill the walls of the school; life-stories of its graduates who, from their humble beginnings have risen to the ranks of professionals, entrepreneurs or those who have successfully joined the workforce. Oh what joy to see how they have consequently improved the quality of their lives! As the school continues its ministry of teaching minds, touching hearts and transforming lives, the Adult Night High School expresses deep gratitude to the De La Salle Brothers, whose zeal for the mission never wavered, to the generous men and women who selflessly shared their time, talent and treasure to support the school’s advocacies and above all, to God Almighty whose presence continuously propels the school to tirelessly spread the Good News.



Welcome to La Salle Green Hills Adult Night High School

– where HOPE is alive in our hearts, Forever!


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Punlad is the official newsletter of Adult Night  

ANS Admissions

As they say, an exam is not only a test of your academic knowledge. It is also a test of your calmness, stability and courage. All the best on your first trimestral examinations scheduled on September 07 to 11! Study hard!

Also, we encourage you to visit to check out the recent happenings in the school and the latest announcements from the Office of the Principal.

Night School Diaries:  Stories of Hope and Inspiration  


By Marbin Guadaña, Alumnus-Batch 1992


Marbin Guadaña Praise and glory be to God, I graduated from La Salle Green Hills- Adult Night High School! All the blessings and success that I am enjoying right now started flowing when I finished my high school way back in 1992. I am not rich but I would say that I am very contented. I would like to share how my life was transformed from its darkest and tough state to a fulfilling and blissful one. When I shared my life-story with my friends here in Saudi Arabia, they could not believe that my past was for real. They were skeptical because they can see only the blessings that I have now in life. During my elementary days in San Isidro Elementary School, Taytay, Rizal, I used to sell ice-drop or popsicle on weekdays and boiled peanuts on weekends.

Since I am the eldest in a brood of six, I needed to help my parents financially in any way I can. Unfortunately, after I graduated from elementary I learned to drink alcohol. Early in the morning, I would always drink alcohol with market porters (kargador) which exposed me to a series of bad habits, attitudes and vices.

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Message from the Principal  

Welcome to school year 2015 to 2016!



Agnes C. Alonsozana

One afternoon a few days ago, only two people were present in the newly-constructed Principal’s/Registrar’s Office – the registrar herself and I. We were busily tending to multiple tasks of transferring materials, equipment, furniture and several cabinets of hard, documented files. We were bent on finishing all those tasks before sundown, as the next few days will have to be spent attending to other more important things. The floor was polished, the walls painted and we were content with the temporary stint at manual labor. Our momentum was shattered by the opening of the main door. And a boy came in to inquire. His feet were bare. My throat immediately clogged and I wondered how he was able to travel from home to LSGH in the summer heat without footwear.

I became totally ashamed of the Liliw shoes I was wearing but was overcome by common sense after a few moments of staring. I asked where his shoes were. I had to. He said he left them just outside the door, because he saw us cleaning the room and did not want to add to the dirt.

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Monthly Calendar

August 03 to 07
• JHS Midterm Examinations


August 08

• Grade 10 CSS NC II Assessment


August 10
• Launching of Buwan ng Wika


August 14
• Grade 8 Reach-Out

August 19
• Magandang Gabi Po, Br. President!


August 21
• Ninoy Aquino Day (No Classes)


August 22
• SHS Midterm Examinations


August 31
• National Heroes Day (No Classes)


LSGH Adult Night School calendar